Low Back Pain


098Mention to someone that you are going to see a Chiropractor and they will immediately ask you:

What’s wrong with your back???

Your response to them should be:

I don’t know…that’s why I’m going!!!

I am, of course, just kidding. (Well,maybe just a little bit.)

You see, I believe that the primary reason most people go to see any doctor is because they want to feel better.

I base that on the fact that for the past twenty years I have had every new patient complete an “Intake Form”. One question on the form asks: “What do you hope to achieve by coming to our office?”

The answer – overwhelmingly – has been, “relief”.

Needless to say, there is nothing wrong with that answer. In fact, that is the answer that I want people to give because:

It allows me to begin educating them regarding Chiropractic philosophy.

Let me explain:

When a patient tells me that they want “relief” or that they want to “feel better”, I inform them that they don’t need to come to a Chiropractor to feel better…drugs or shots can (possibly) do that.

I immediately, however, follow that up by saying:

“I think what you really want is for me to find the CAUSE of your lower back pain.

The reason is simple: once we have found the CAUSE of your lower back pain, we can try to CORRECT it.  And, CORRECTING the CAUSE of your lower back pain will not only help you FEEL better… it will help you actually BE better.

That is, with Chiropractic care, you will not get some drug that is going to “mask” or “cover up” your problem. We are actually going to address the underlying CAUSE of your back pain.

….Now, isn’t THAT what you REALLY want?”

Needless to say, the overwhelming response I get is “Yes, THAT is what I really want!!!”

Now that I have the patient recognizing the importance of identifying and correcting the CAUSE of his/her Low Back Pain, we can address the obvious question:
What DOES Cause Low Back Pain???

I’m going to keep this simple:

The majority of Low Back Pain can be traced, in my opinion, to two causes:

1) Sacroiliac Joint Instability
2) Lumbar Vertebrae Instability

Before discussing these two causes of Low Back Pain, I must mention that there ARE other causes of Low Back Pain. Fractures, tumors, severe infection, ruptured discs and tore ligaments – although NOT nearly as common as Sacroiliac Joint and Lumbar Vertebrae Instability – can cause Low Back Pain and immediate Medical attention would be recommended. Again, these conditions are much less common and such individuals are usually in far too much pain to even visit a Chiropractor’s office.